Condition monitoring techniques

1- Vibration analysis

2- Thermography

3- Oil analysis

4- Motor flow analysis

5- Ultrasound analysis

To choose the right technique for monitoring the condition of a car, the necessary examination of the car components must first be done.

Then identify the parts that are most likely to fail. By knowing these points and being fully acquainted with the way the device works, the appropriate technique can be selected.

Vibration monitoring techniques are commonly used for rotating machines, such as electric motors, generators, and turbines. Gearboxes, pumps, fans, and other rotating equipment.

Managers today try to use scientific methods to not only increase the quality of products but also reduce their cost. Situation monitoring is one of the techniques that has been welcomed by industry managers in recent years and, of course, has brought many benefits to organizations. Vibration analysis is one of the methods of monitoring the situation. By using it in the industry, it is possible to significantly prevent rework and reduce the costs of a manufacturing company. By using this technique, it is possible to prevent damage before it occurs by timely awareness of device failures and preventive repairs. Secondly, the consumption of parts and manpower time in maintenance and repair of machines is saved and finally, the organization is directed towards improving efficiency.


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