Vista Monitoring Company, the center of monitoring the situation of the railway industry


Experts of Vista Payesh Rad Company, the exclusive representative of VAST Russia in Iran, after passing international training courses in the field of monitoring the situation of the railway industry, is now the top company providing monitoring services to the railway industry in the country.

Benefits of railway condition monitoring:



Bogie maintenance cost reduction

Extension of maintenance intervals

Simplifying maintenance tasks

Reduced spare parts stock



Increase profitalbity by reducing unplanned downtime

Eliminate false alarms of hotbox detectors

Early identification of imminent failures

Better component traceability



Increased workshop effectiveness

Reduce maintenance work time

Eliminate field testing

Check maintenance completion





Traction motor and gearbox monitoring



With VAST acceleration enveloping, the dynamic frequencies of all running gears system can be analyzed, as well as detected rotating components geometry differences, such as gear teeth spalling. This makes it possible to schedule the motor bogie maintenance conveniently at the right time. Using VAST’s vibration analyzer DC-23 allow to monitor properly the full drive chain working conditions and its components like traction motors and gearbox components such as bearings, gears as well as cardan shafts and other types of couplings.



Traction motor and gearbox monitoring capabilities:



Unbalance detection

Misalignment detection

Shaft bending detection

Loose part detection

Bearing damage detection

Damaged gear wheel detection

Resonance detection



Wheelset condition monitoring



Wheelset maintenance is very costly and time consuming task. Applying condition based maintenance strategy, the timing of wheelset maintenance can be scheduled by optimizing the operating mileage of wheels and wheelset bearings without compromising reliability or safety.









.increasing maintenance intervals and availability



Reaching the rail industry’s goals of increased maintenance intervals and maintenance-free targets of more than one and a half million kilometers requires transitioning from time-based maintenance schedules to condition-based maintenance. This ensures vehicles are only taken out of service for maintenance when it’s actually necessary.



VAST bogie condition monitoring solutions use condition detection systems and sophisticated data processing algorithms to detect incipient damage. This allows sufficient time for repairs before significant mechanical failures can develop, helping to increase reliability and safety, while contributing to reduced maintenance costs, life cycle costs (LCC) and total cost of ownership (TCO).


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